Thursday, August 4, 2011

If you build it, they will come...Please?

Well,  we are in the book and not so patiently waiting.  Nursery is just about done.   My friends amanda and Linda have an amazing talent.  Look at that super cute bedding.  Also, please learn from me- never buy vinyl letters.  Blech. 

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Several people have started buying us sock monkeys and I love them all.  My Mom made a super cute growth chart.  I painted until I contemplated moving but we are ready for baby. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seminar Success

Well Thurday and Friday we attended our two day Buckner seminar.  I approached it as just another necessary evil in order to get closer to our baby.  However, the two ladies running the seminar, Leah and Carol were very helpful and so knowledgeable.

Day one was focused on losses that the adoption triad face-birth families, adoptive families, and children.  I had actually read that book, so I felt good.  We were talking interacting with the other three couples, and I did not cry once.  There was no feeling of nausea, apprehension, just a woohoo that I had everything figured out.

Friday God decided to remind me I am not in charge.  We spent the first half of the morning talking about all of the laws that go into this and every possible scenario in the world.  I had a slight freak out.  I had feelings like my life that I like simple and planned was about to be part of a horrible lifetime movie.  That was just the beginning.

In the afterrnoon, we started talking about what's going to happen at the hospital.  Buckner does something called an entrustment ceremony where the birth parent places the baby with the adoptive parents.  I then had this overwhelming feeling like I was taking someone's baby.

However the next part was a little reassuring.  We talked to two couples who had adopted multiple times through Buckner.  One mom made the comment " our birth mom was the answer to our prayer, and we were the answer to hers'.  It reminded me that I'm not in charge and God has this process ordained and already knows how it's going to go.  I just need to hold on for the ride.

Also, I think I am done painting.  yes, I'm working on the nursery.  It's summer and I have time.  Why not?

Ok, there is my post.  I need to do this more.  It's a good outlet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The tortoise beats the hare, right???

Just a quick update.  We finally have news!  We got a call last week from our Case Worker, Mrs. Halliburton, ha!  Our application is complete and we will do our first round of interviews on April 21st.  I am so ready to get started.

I did find out that we don't get to do our seminar until June.  that's further out than I thought, but you know God has  a perfect plan and I just have to trust his timing.\

I also found out that I'm going to be able to get out of coaching, so that I can have a nice normal schedule.  I will be at an elementary, which makes me think of denim jumpers and wooden necklaces, but think I will like it.  I'm pretty excited about the switch.  Maybe at an elementary the kids will be more excited about learning and I can help foster that.  It's also much closer to home and my commute will get cut in half.  I will also pass the mall, Target and ChickFila every day- 3 of my most favorite places.  And please, don't buy me any wooden necklaces.  Only the best sequin appliques for this teacher...

Friday, March 11, 2011


I have been a horrible blogger.  I've been missing in action.  It's been a long couple of weeks, filled with filling out paperwork, looking up detailed minutia, stamping out ignorance, keeping my house clean, (ha!) and teaching kids to turn left and run fast.

However, there are a few updates.  Our big packet is now on the desk of Buckner Children's Home.  Such a relief getting that sucker in the mail.  If the GOP had used the same application, I doubt we would have ever heard of Sarah Palin.  They know everything about our lives, relationship and family.

We also had to get physicals.   Did you know I have 20/20 vision?  (pausing for laughter for those of you that know me). We both passed and now we wait.  And pray some more.  We wait for everything to get approved so that we may move on, and we wait for our turn to go into Seminar.  After the seminar, we will do our home study and we will be in the book.  I can't wait, I am so excited to get this show on the road.  We are also praying, that we picked the right agency and we are praying for our future birthfamily, that they are comforted and guided according to His plan.

Our next adventures are fixing up our house and getting a nursery ready.  Tomorrow I'm attempting dry wall, so I will post pics of that.  Should be interesting.  I also had a fun trip to Canton and bought little furniture.  So much fun.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying spring break.  Have a great week :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The First Mountain

We have finally picked Buckner!  So glad we are finally getting started.  This is our first "mountain" of paperwork.  I've never seen so many papers.  There is even more than when we bought our house!  But we are started.  Now onto hoping we get another snow day so we can get it all filled in. 

I also want to thank everyone who has offered their support and prayers as we go along through this process.  We have great friends and family :).  Hope everyone has a great week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting Started

So we want to adopt. Making the decision is the easy part-NOT.  After several years of trying to have children, we have decided to pursue adoption. So now you call an agency and get started. Well, not really.  If you google adoption agencies in Tarrant County, there are too many agencies to list.  If you talk to people who've adopted, you never find someone who used the same agency.

So I did what I always do.  I bought a binder, new ink pens and started making lists. We met with 3 agencies in person and I talked to about seven other agencies on the phone.  We discussed international adoption, foster-to-adopt, and infant adoptions.  We decided that we were wanting to do private infant adoption. We also talked to a few couples who have went through the adoption process.

Then we weighed the pros/cons of each agency.  All agencies have different/rules and requirements.  Some of them require you to stay home for different lengths of time and we weren't sure that'd be a possibility.  Perhaps later on down the road.   Above all else, we prayed.  And prayed.  And  prayed -for wisdom and guidance. 

We've got it down to two agencies.  I feel like we are leaning towards Buckner Children's Home, but we want to talk to one other Agency before we decide.  We went for their orientation last week.  I walked away feeling very overwhelmed.  I did like them.  They are Christian and very professional-plus they gave us a binder :P.  They went over every single piece of paper.  I was a little nauseous, but now that I have removed myself a little and looked over it all again, I'm ready to get going.  We've made more lists of things we need/want to do before our home study. Hopefully in this snowmageddon tomorrow and Friday, we will make our final decision and get started on our mountain of paperwork.  Let's get this ball going.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, here goes another crack at blogging.  I decided to start an adoption blog as we kick off our adoption journey.  I picked the name because a friend of mine posted that verse on facebook this morning and it seemed to fit our situation very well.  It's so hard not being in control.  But, are we really ever in control? - no, God is in control and the sooner we accept that the better.  But I digress.  So this blog will have all the details of our journey and my celebrations and vents. So stay tuned, and watch for updates!